Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few scrapping pages I have done ( was about a month ago but Im slack)....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

AHHH school is back... YAY.. I love preschool... House is quite. THomas is asleep and its just heaven.

Kids are ok, Thomas on new antibiotics and he seems to be making a lot more noises and stuff. So thats pretty exciting... Hols has the cast off and is being a cheeky brat..

Jay and I have been fighting realy bad for about 2 months now. WE just cant get on. I think I resent him for still having the same life before kids. He just does his own thing and I am the parent all the time. It doesnt seem fair..

Last Wednesday night he rang me after work and said that Daniel wanted him to go to the pub for a drink cause he needed to talk to him. Ok so one drink is fine....

At 7pm Jay rings me and says he is leaving his car at work and will get a lift home at 8:30. Was crying as he was telling me that Daniel is moving away. It got to 11pm and he wasnt home. Sent him amessage and got one in return saying.. Sorry babe ill be home soon..

The kids wouldnt settle so at 12:30am I put them in to bed with me and went to sleep. At 2:30am a huge bang on the front door, I didnt know who the hell it was so freaked out. It ended up being Jays mate Daniel. He said Jay didnt want to walk home so he was sleeping at work. He never came home at all... I was in shock I just couldnt beleve it. He didnt even come up home in the morning for a shower... It just shattered me..... Anyway we will see where the next month or so takes us and see if we can get back on track...

One of my ex boyfreinds is back in town.... AHHHH He was my first BIG love. THe one I left home for. Just what I need back in my life right now... LOL.. He has custody of his 12 year old son and has moved back here..

The kids and I went to the drs the other day. I have to be tested for diabetes, Sugars are high, bp is high.. ARGGHHH jsut what I need.. I also got bit by a spider last week... Mentioned to dr about Hollies eye that turns. He gave us a referal to Optemtrist. WE got straight in and they have referred her to an eye specialist. The referal said Muscle palsy so not sure what that means..

Took the kids to the show.. They had a ball.. heres afew happy snaps..

This PP jacket she has on I scored from vinnies for $2.. I love it, its so warm and its like new. I love a bargain. LOL

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sweet Hollie turned 4 on Tuesday.. Holey dooley that went sooo fast.... Its scary...

She had a nice bday with freinds coming and going all day to wish her a happy bday> It was her last day with the plaster on her arm, cause the next day they decided to take it off. It still looks pretty odd to me and even in the xray the bone didnt look straight.. Guess im not expert.

Here is the yummy icecream cake I made. And some pics of HOls and her little freind koda.. .
We had a cake at nan and pops house in the night time. My parents just adore Hollie. Its so nice to watch them together..
Couple of funny things to note down before I forget. Cant wait for Hol to be able to read through all the funny things she says when she is older.

Hol just said... Dad wasnt very nice lastnight was he mum, he was talking crap.. LOL...

She came out lastnight crying after being in bed and said " my imagination scared me"..

Had to take Thomas back to the dr today cause his ears are both infected again. ARGH just wish we could get the grommits. He only finished Abs on Monday . This is just bloody ridiculous....

Sunday, April 06, 2008

OMG ive been a bit missing havent I..... Life seems so full of drama at the moment. Kinda like days of our drearies. Some things I cant talk about though, cause they arent my stories to tell . LOL..

Kids are driving me batty.. THomas is the type of child I never wanted to experience. LOL The climber, the adventurer, the risk taker. He freaks me out that kid. Last week we had to go to emergency cause he got the lid of a bottle of panadol and drank it. Brand new bottle. He is ok though. Apparenlty they dont put enough in the bottle to fully overdose and I did find a little on the floor. He has split his lip twice, and also ripped that bit of skin up in the top of your mouth. The kid never stops climbing stuff. He can run now, I dont like it. Ive had to put the gate up outisde the bathroom because so far we have lost 10 rolls of dunny paper in the dunny, hols shoe, my hair products and makeup and hair brushes. The kid is obsessed with the dunny. Im starting to avoid going to visit people cause its just too hard.. He wont sit still..

He loves to give cuddles which I really love. I was scared I would have a non affectionate ratbag but he is really affectionate and loves to cuddle. He adores his mummy. Been trying to teach him a few more words but he isnt really that interested. Guess when you cant hear properly its hard. He is still on Antibiotics. If I could find $1000 i could have the surgery done next week in Sydney. Funnily enough I cant. GRR So we have another 4 months to go to have it done in Tamworth..

Hols had to go to the plaster clinic last week and I was so sick I couldnt drive her there. After much moaning and fighting and winging Jay took her for me. SHe had a beautiful bright pink cast put on. Specialist said the bone had moved back out but they were hoping that this new cast that is tighter would help move it back in to place and we live this one on for 3 weeks then xray again and then maybe pins will be needed if no improvment..

Well missy decided to put her cast in the bath tub and fill it with water. SO we had to head to tamworth again to have a new plaster put on. I saw what jay meant about the bone looking the same as the day she broke it when they changed it. Her wrist looks awful... This time she chose green. LOL. Im thinking that she did the water thing on purpose so the green would go with her new top.. LOL. She is supposed to be wearing the sling but the little turd fights with me about it daily GRR. That kid never stops talking.

Truly I have never heard ANYONE talk so much. Its insane, and gee I dont mean to stop her talking and being so imaginative but sometimes it drives me around the wall, when she tells me who to be and what to say and what to do, and "is that alright mum". She does my head in...Everything we do or anywhere we go is a game. If someone rings the house she runs to the phone and she pretends we are a daycare centre. LOL. WHen jay rang the other day she told him that I was looking after the children in the blue room.. LOL..

I have decided to look for some night or weekend work or something. WE cant keep living with no money. WE have had $3 since Friday and that is all we have till Wed. WE have done no shopping and we have no fuel. Its just ridiculous and Im sick of living like this. I feel like we owe money everywhere at the moment. Our stupid health insurance has gone up again and Im feeling like maybe we should drop it. $62 a week is ridiculous. Need to sit down and weigh up the pros and cons I think.

I keep getting people ringing for weddings but I wont do them until I get a second digital, Jay just doenst understand why. He thinks I should take my film camera for back up. Well if I do that I have to have the film in my bag ready to go. 13 rolls of film is another expense if I dont end up using them.... I have been asked about buying a local photo shop and its something I really want to do but I don think the timing is right at this point. Too hard with little kids. Its exactly what I want to do. Minilab and studio in my own town. Hepas of room upstairs for scrap classes and I would put scrap supplies in the shop since ther eisnt anywhere in town that sells it. ahhhh too many decisions.. Just need someone to decide for me. LOL..

Better go to bed the kids will be up nice and early now that daylight savings is over... I love daylight savings...