Monday, July 31, 2006

Just had to write this down before I forget. LOL. Not very often I get nice comments from MIL. TOday she told me Im a lovely, kinhearted freind and anyone would be lucky to have me. Isnt that just beautiful......

Well Courtney is out of hospital and still quite sick but at home, in her own bed, which she loves. Shes such an adorable kid. Wish I coudl have stayed longer to help kim out more but I find it really hard to keep Hollie in a routine away from home, and with the morning sickness chucked in I just dont have the tolerance to deal with her when she is tired ( hollie that is, not kim. LOL.). Must be so hard fro Kim doing it on her own with the 4 kids and one being sick. Shes a pretty clever women to be dealing with all that..

This Is Hollie in her sunday best and you cant even see the thongs. LOL. She dressed her self obviously. LOL.

Bye for now

Sunday, July 30, 2006

OMG morning sickness isnt very nice LOL. I bet a man invented that. Lucky my toilet bowl is clean so I have something nice to look at. LOL....

Im off to Tamworth again today. My god daugther, Courtney, whos mum I met on EB is in hospital on oxygen. Her mum, Kim has 3 other kids at home and her hubby works away. So im going on a rescue mission to look after 2 more 2 year olds and a 10 yr old. LOL. Dont know when I will be back, It will depend on how Court is going and when she can come home.

Hols came home lastnight after a night with Nan and pop. My god that kid is a cack. She was so gorgeous when she saw me. Ran up and wrapped her legs around me, held my face in her hands and kissed me and said, Miss mummy. AWWWEEEE. Just to think i couldnt stand her about 3 months ago . LOL. Mum just got new carpet so she has moved all the furniture and those annoying nick nacks around. Mum said Hollie went around and put all the photos and dust collectors back in the places they used to be. What a good memory my chickadee has.

With my Child and hubby free day yesterday, I got stuck into the photos I took from mum and dads house 3 year ago. I had this brilliant idea at the time,. that i would take the photos out of the yucky albums and put them in an acid free, dry mount album. Great idea kays (NOT). 3 years later I still have them. 40 years worth of photos. I was actually up to 1976 when i started yesterday and it took me 4 hours to get up to 1984. Gee we went on a lot of holiday in 1983/1984. I counted 7 holidays. I remember travelling alot, but not that much. I guess mum and dad worked all the time so whenever they took a break we went somewhere.

Better go pack our bags AGAIN. LOL. Hope this vomiting eases up a little before I have to drive. Might have to take a bucket. LOL.

Bye for now

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Well I have some fantastic news about a freind I would love to share but Im not allowed (just yet).. She will know who she is and im so proud of her.......

Hols went to daycare today and aside from cleaning and going to the accountant I didnt do much at all. While Hol was at daycare I threw a crappy plastic toy thing in the bin. When she got home, she found it and came and asked me to say sorry to her. LOL she is a cack that kid. Daddy gave her some post it notes when we went to his work and by the time i pulled up at home, she had stuck them all over the window. LOL..

Im so sick of being so broke. Im sick of not having any scrap supplies. My LOs suck cause I just dont have any money to buy anything. Im sure I could have magnificant Los to submit if I had the money to buy stuff to actually do them. Its a struggle enough to get some food in this house. BLOODY DROUGHT. :(.

Forgot to mention that the adorably generous Narelle ( hey sweets) bought Hollie and little bubby a book each. Hollies book is called " There's a house in mummys tummy". Its adorable and talks about the baby. I love it!!! Hol got too impatient and wanted to flick ahead, and I got mad cause i wanted to read the lovely story LOL. Its just perfect. We got very spoilt..

DOnt know if I have talked about the RACH parcel saga.... Over a month ago, I gave rach $20 to get me some papers from her LSS ( since I dont have one) and she had a few other things for me she chucked int too. WELL.......................... Rach sent it express. After 2 weeks of waiting and AP doing so research, it was found in PERTH. LMAO, thats the opposite direction. So then it was expected to arrive back to me by the end of that week. THe end of the next week, it arrived back at Rachs house. LOL. So she sent it off again registered. We waited for like 2 and half weeks again and then it turned up back at Rach's again. She had put the wrong address. LOL.

SOOOOO 2 weeks ago, Rach sent it off on a courier her mum uses( and she added a few more things for HOls and bubby ( yay)), with the date of arrval to be 25th of July 2006( lol maybe its supposed to be 2007). Parcel is still AWOL. So that is our little parcel debarcle. I dont think im meant to have the bloody thing. LOL

Only 11 sleeps.....................

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today i am your typical exhuasted, emotinal, constipated, sick pregnant women. I cant beleive how tired I am. I just cant keep up with HOllie and do all the things she wants me to. She is the kind of kid that wants to be doing activites all the time. Painting or craft or playdoh. I just dont have the stamina.

I have to drive to Tamworth today to take Nan for an appointment. It is going to be a huge day. I just feeling like curling up in bed and sleeping. Not that I could do that with Hols home. I just hope we make it over and back without me falling asleep.

Today is Roxys B'day. HAPPY BDAY ROXANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes a real old chick now since she is 24. I can see the greys starting to come through. LOL. Hope she gets spoilt. NOt that she deserves it.. LOL ( just kidding)...

Only 12 days till the scan. Im a bit freaked about it. Just want to see that heart beating away so I can start to settle in with the whole thing and start falling in love ( not that im not already).

Better go get organised
Bye for now

Monday, July 24, 2006

Spent the weekend at mum and dads. NOt all that exciting actually. HOl had a ball, she had missed nan and pop soo much she had a good time. Jay went out to a baseball trivia night thing in Tamworth and one of the organisers made a big speech about him and what a great bloke he is and called him up the front, and said After a long time trying Jamie and his wife are going to have a baby. Jay cried. They gave him a bottle of scotch for us. HEY wheres my chocolate. LOL... THought that was sweet that Jay cried, the big softy..

Did a portrait this morning of the smiliest baby i have ever seen in my life. She was so patient, I couldnt beleive it.

Also got my progesterone results in. They are 601 so that means Im no longer on pessarys. Yeehhaa. Im 6 weeks today. This morning i woke at 1am with the worst morning sickness BLEURGH. My main symptom is tiredness. Im just so exhausted. Feel like hybernating for 9 months.

I took a few photos of Hols and I being silly this morning. This is the one I like the best. even though she is half cut off. Her and I look nothing alike. LOL..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

WEll hols just got her first accident report from daycare. she fell over on the cement and hit her cheek. They said she didnt cry for long though so thats good. Think its gonna be a nasty bruise there. Poor little cherub. She keeps wearing those PP glasses that she had as a baby. THey are waaayy too small for her.. LOL.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just had to come and write something that a girl at playgroup said to me today... WHen I told her I was pregnant she had tears in her eyes and said she was gonna cry. Im not close with this girl, I just know her from playgroup. THen she said " Im so happy for you, you are the best mother I know" Isnt that the most beautiful thing.. Made me feel really good....

I am still barking non stop. This has been going on for 2 weeks. My body is aching from all the coughing. Im so tired from not sleeping. I got up this morning to stand at the drs surgery at 7am trying to get an appointment since I couldnt get one by phone for the last week. THere was people already lined up, there was ONE dr on today. THat is just ridiculous. I got in though and the DR gave me a script for some antibiotics but wants me to hold off and not fill unless Im still coughing in a couple of days. Just wants me to keep up with the puffer every 4 hours.

Bye for now

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to my mate Net on her BFP. Still cant even beleive she was TTC #3 after she told me to no end was she having any more LOL. Even sold all her baby stuff. duffer. Wishing you a healthy girl pregnancy Net...

Today I got my progesterone levels. VERY high at 583, which means I can start weaning off my pessaries. THats fantastic news considering pessarys cost me $10 a day. :@.. Also rang and made my appointment for heartbeat scan which will be the 7th of August in Newcastle. Hanging out for that so i can rest at ease a little.

Rang my OB too, who no longer delivers at the private hospital. THats really sad cause I loved having Hollie there. He will see my for my pregnancy, which is fantastic, cause without him Hollie wouldnt be here. I will have to deliver at the base with whatever doctor is rostered on then I can move down to the private hospital for care ( which I will cause it was beautiful there). I will still have my cervical suture in at 20 weeks like last time and be on moderated rest. Cant wait for that NOT.

On to the big girl......... OMG Hollie is the most devine specimen on this earth. She is learnign at such a fast rate it just blows me away. Her new word at the moment is ENOUGH. LOL. she also sings LOTS of songs, and blows me out when she knows all the words. Yesterday she shocked me and counted to ten ( calling 3 a 4 though and a 4 a 4 also). I just cant beleive the rate she is growing. I want to add a picture of her but its not letting me... Will try again later....

Bye for now.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just making myself a ticker so I can look and see how pregnant I am.. God that sounds bizarre. I still cant beleive It worked. I just was not confident AT ALL.

Still in shock i think. Boobs are so sore and I still hvae this disgusting flu that i cant shake. I hope all the barking im doing isnt hurting the embie. Its driving me nuts. Phelgm and morning sickness dont go well together.

When I was pg with Hollie I craved coke, and I normally hate coke. Thats all I feel like again now. Trying to be good and not give in to urge....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Im pregnant. HCG is 211. No progesterone leveLs yet.....

Im in shock

Due 19th march 2007


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

OMG beta is tommorow............... IM terrified.....

Monday, July 10, 2006

Forgot to add yesterday that I have lost another kilo. Im not sure how, as I feel like i have been eating way too much chocolate to get me through the 2ww. I guess im still eating lots of carrots, cauli and broccoli which are high fat burning vegies. Other then that I thought the decrease in my anti-depressants might have helped. They are buggers for making you chock on the wait.

42 hours till beta. Who knows when I will get results, living in this place has a lot of negatives sometimes. It would be wonderful to get the results same day. At least I talked the nurses into letting me to beta a day earlier, to put me out of my misery. Hope they have sent of a new batch of pessaries. I only have 3 days worth. Another $80 thank you very much.. :-(

As much as I want a BFP I am terrified about it as well. My pregnancy with HOllie was such a long hard scary road and the thought of doing it with a toddler as well, freaks me right out. Bedrest is just NOT going to happen with her at home with me, and if I am in and out of hospital like last time it will be much harder leaving her at home.

Here is the pictures of my feral princess I wanted to share yesterday. HOls dressed her self in this little number and thought she looked quite fabulous.. little dag...

Bye for now

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Well I think the time has come that HOllie is a little too old for coming to IVF for transfers. She came up to me with her drs set today, got the needle out and went for the vag.LOL. What have I done to the poor child.

On the 2WW front, Im quietly falling apart inside. Not feeling like im pregnant, but still knowing its not all over yet. Hol and I have hardly left the house the last week. Not only because of the overpopulation of pregnant women at the moment, but Ive been pretty sick with the flu.

Hollie is growing like a weed. She has the most gorgeous personality. Talking like anything and singing and dancing, its just amazing. She knows all the words to "do the twist" by the WIggles and even does the cha cha cha on the end. I just cant beleive some of the things she comes out with. My favourite at the moment is when she says Sorry Mum. Its just adorable.

Was going to post a pic of the feral princess but it seems my computer doesnt want me to. LOL will come back and do that later..

Bye for now.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I hate the 2ww already :-(. I hate it soooooo much. I hate having to leave the house and function and see babies and hear about them. See pregnant people and hear about them, and listen to there winging. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Please put me asleep for 2 weeks. Thats the least you can do if there is a god........

At what point am i going to give the IVF away? Can I keep doing this to my body, mind and soul?


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Well the little Embie is now hanging out inside me. My transfer, that should only take 15 minutes max, took 45 minutes. Now I know I have a dodgy cervix and uterus, but I did warn him when i walked in that Dr woolcott usually uses the introducer on me ( this long thing that you can bend around to find the uterus or something). Well todays Dr tried everything. He then said " I dont know what else to do, i have tried everything, I just cant find the utuers wall and endometrial cavity" ( or something like that). So I suggested ( with all my years of study in IVF under my belt LOL) to try a pillow under my butt to change the angle. Well, lo and behold it worked. FINALLY. I tell you what that poor old fanny of mine was feeling the 45 minutes clamped up. OUCHY. Hollie came in with us and sat and stroked my hair and kissed my head during the process. Little darlin , she is...

Here is embies first pic. Lets hope the little one can hang on in there and implant itself.......

Please remind me not to visit my SIL anymore. She does nothing but upset me and make me feel like a peice of shit.. Surely I deserve better then that...

Off to rest, all this transferring is such hard, exhausting work.....