Sunday, January 27, 2008

Was reading ANg's blog lastnight and she had the most gorgeous photo of her twins Tandem Breastfeeding... Made my heart melt and made me wanted to start feeding thomas again. LOL.. So when he woke at 6am i put him on the boob.. Its such a beautiful thing. He has only been having one feed for a month or so and the last few days I havent been giving him any, but I still had plenty of milk... So I thought I might add my photos that Jay took for me a few weeks ago..

Friday, January 25, 2008

SO is anyone (besides flick, since she commented yesterday) still reading my dribble? LOL.. Please leave a comment..

I heard a rumour that someone said Im pretty negative in what I write in here, but Hey its my diary and I read back a bit and didnt think it was all that negative, sure I have my times ( ok maybe I have lots) but thats what a blog is about isnt it? To write all your thoughts and feelings and emotions and trials and tribulations (hmm how did i go with the spelling on that one> LOL)...

So here is the pics from the party before I toddle off to bed..

Do you think she got a suprise. LOL,... God love her, so she was soo pissed off that she didnt wear something nicer.. LOL.... She thought it was a party for me..
Here is miss priss Dressed ready to go. It was cold, hence the jumper.

My little man.. God he was being a pain in the butt. He did NOT want to stay in the stroller.

My brother and Nephew Noah..

And me cutting my cake..I was a wee bit

mum and dad

Monday, January 21, 2008

Well the New year is here, and so far we have celebrated Thomas' 11 month bday and My big 30 bday.... GOd that sounds sooo old.. Im freaking out about the 30s.....

We spent New years at the dam and Jamie made us all stay up all night. He was off his rocker and we stayed up playing games. When it got to around 6am I went looking for him and he was sitting down at the fire sobbing his heart out about his dad. Its the first time he has actually let go since the funeral. Then Thomas started screaming in the caravan so I had to go and leave him but Hollie had woken so she went out to him and they hung out for awhile. He told her all about her dad and things they used to do, so that was a nice time for them. He then slept all day while I had to deal with the kids while totally sleep deprived.. GRRRR men..
Here is the 4 grand kids on new years eve. Cant help but think of Jays dad when I look at this picture. He loved his grandkids...... blake, Thomas, Paige and Hollie.

We went to mum and dads for the week last week cause Jay had to work at the country music so we were over there for my bday... The best pressie was a sleep in. It was devine..... I spent the day shopping for my own presents.. LOL.. Even mum had me shopping for Pjs from her.. At night we went out to tea at the mexican place. Jays mum, sister and BIL came as well as my parents and the Milne Family....

Had to take Thomas to the Ear nose and throat dude on friday cause he has had Earinfections since October and been on Antibiotics that whole time. He needs grommits but he cant have it done till after 18 months.. grrr.. So we just have to treat them with Antibiotics still and hope it clears before then I guess..

Last weigh in ( just before 11 months) he was 9 kilos exactly and 71cm... He doesnt really talk but babbles a little. I guess the ears play a part of that. The last 2 days we have been getting a lot more noises. He is a bit of a rogue and keeps me on my toes. He never stops and is the adventurer that Hollie never was...

Hols never stops talking and some days it just drives me insane. I swear my ears are aching at the end of the day and I just kill for 5 seconds peace and quite....

We had a suprise 80th for Nan on the weekend.. It was great, she sure got a suprise. She thought she was going out for my bday. I love the expression of a really suprised person. Then they all suprised me during the party with a cake of my own.. Have to admit I was a bit embarrassed. LOL..Be back tommorrow with photos of party.