Tuesday, March 18, 2008

AHHH back..LOL...

Last Tuesday when I dropped HOllie off at preschool all her freinds were on the monkey bars. So mummy started to encourage her to go on them and taught her how to swing your arm across. Well didnt I get a shock at 2:30 that afternoon when the school rang me to tell me they had called an ambulance cause they thought she had broken her wrist...

WHen I got there the ambulance was already there and HOllie was ok ( considering). I chucked Thomas to his godmother ( her daughter goes to the same preschool) and jumped in the ambo for a ride. LOL. We went to Gunnedah Hospital where they couldnt get a bloody canula in, She has no veins like mum. Finally they got one in her foot and gave her some morphine. Poor little chook was over an hour without pain relief.

THen we went to tamworth in the ambo again. LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG bumpy ride. LOL.. WHen we got to tamworth Surgeon came and explained she was going in th surgery cause it was a really bad break. She went int at 8pm and the anaethesist came out and saw us about 10:15 and said the op went ok, but they had trouble waking her up. They had to give her narcain twice to try and reverse it, and then she didnt really wake till 3am. But shes ok...

Has this massive bloody cast that takes up half her body. LOL.. Poor little thing having to lug it around... I love this picture of her and Jay. It wa taken before theatre. I love the concern on his face.
This was taken the next morning before they let us out

This is with the massive cast on..

The same day she did this Thomas woke up with a burst eardrum again. He had just screamed for days so i knew it was a coming...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thomas is 13 months old today.He is walking everywhere. Funny little boy. HOl broke her arm earlier in the week. be back with details later..... Just ducked by to show off some scrapping ive done. Nothing much...

A page about me and thomas

Calendar I made for Hollies godmodther. Friggin thing wont let me put them in month order but you get the drift.. GRRR

Saturday, March 08, 2008

My little baby is walking....... Cant beleive how fast this last year has gone....... He started walking last Monday full on. He had been walking around here and there but not full on... Ill post a video of that first big walk when I upload it..

We had him back to the ENT he told us he still cant do the op to put the grommits in until 18 months even though Thomas eardrum just perforated for the second time and on antibiotics. Both ears have glue ear. He gave us a couple of numbers to try in Newcastle, where the waiting list is 9-12 months both in public system. Then we rang sydney and if we got public its 9 month waiting list if we go private we can get in like next week but even with our TOP cover the ananesthesist and surgeon charge above the schoedule so would cost us $1000 out of pocket. We just dont have that money.....

I have wedged the top of his cot up heaps cause he would only sleep if he was upright on my lap during the night ( which is very tiring). With the panadol before bed and the bed more upright he seems to be sleepign a little better.

Here is some pics Hollie took of me on Wednesday night before i went out ( she is a pretty good little photographer. I have only cropped the coloured one slightly and I had to crop the bw in a little as the angle was funny cause she is shorter then me ( obviously)LOL..

Presenting kaysie minus 2 kilos since that disgusting pic with net( only another 30kg to go lol) and minus some hair.. LOL

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tried to get a pic of the 3 kids. Heres a hing of what it was like.. God love that poor girl.. LOL
Here is Bon going off to school ( he only started this year.). Kaleb and gorgeous Net with Kady

Some of the wildlife at there house... A little python that I didnt touch. LOL And a gorgeous shingle back that was so beautiful and was eating out of the hands of Nets sister.
A story board of the beautiful Arkaydia Paige. I took lots and lots of pics of her.. She is just so devine and scrummy. I miss her

Net and I.. When I saw this photo of me I came home and got my hair cut off and lost 2 kilos.. LOL. I look bloody awful..... But check out the hottie next to me.. LOL. I miss her sooo much. Check out how tall she is.. LOL
I was trying to work out how she got her boobs to sit so perty.LMAO. And Jay snapped this shot.. LOL

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ok about our trip to Queensland... Had a ball.... Finally got to meet my buddy Net who I have talked to on the internet for 4 years. It was just like walking in to my best freinds house. I knew what the house looked like what kinda of things the boys liked, recognised there clothes and kadys clothes. Was really surreal and I hated leaving. So here is a few shots from our HOliday...

When we took Thomas to the beach he love dit. It was his first time at a beach..The first 4 photos are from southbank.. We had a ball there. Jay took a heap of me and the kids ( needed serious editing).LOL. But I look like a beached whale so I wont be showing them... LOL... Ill post some more of Net and the kids and my Mothers group in my next post..

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Back to show pics of Thomas bday party... He had a great time.. We had it the sunday after his bday.....

His cake in all its glory.. LOL... Its all about the cake...
And how is this for inspirattional... The Jodi ( aka the clown) has lost a HEap of weight and has done so well with it ( im sure its a hard bloody journey).. Check out the following photo. Top one taken at HOllies 1st bday then taken again at Thomas first bday..

On my weigh loss, I hvae lost 2 kilos this week.. Pretty good I rekon. OMG how hard is it to get up to 10,000 steps. I had to walk down town the otehr day cause I hvae lost the car keys ( whole other story) and with that plus me walking up and down town then around doing stuff at home I only managed 5000.. Thats insane. I really need a treadmill...

This week Thomas has learnt 2 new things.. He waves bye bye and says bye ( more like bay) and he can say hello, usually when he is holding a phone ( sounds more like harro). LOL.. Still no walking but taking like 6 and 7 steps and is soo close but would rather crawl. I really dont mind cause im not ready.. LOL....

Little adventerour boy went to the park for the first time the other day and off he went. Climbing the stairs and going down the slides on his own. Sooo different to Hollie. She is still scared of doing stuff like that.. Here is a video of him doing it..


Ill be back with holiday photos next.. LOL..