Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lastnight We had to take HOls to the hospital at about midnight. She had a few bites after her sleep yesterday that were bigger then normal but not a worry. She woke at midnight saying stinging, so I took her top off and she had massive big raised welts in her armpit and down her side. She had a heap of little tiny welts inside it too. So off we trundled to hospital. Seems she is allergic to mossie bites. HEr cousin is as well and his blow up to tennis ball size.. ICK.. Not much we can do but phenergan and cream and try not to get her bitten.. Ill add a pic. This was taken after 3 doses of phenergan and the cream applied 4 times.

Today was my appointment with Hollebone to check on me and bubs. Fiona came for a drive with me which was fantastic cause I just couldnt do it on my own. Bubs is engaged, Bloods were just below normal, blood pressure was up and have +1 protein. The concern is that with one kidney I cant afford to have preclampsia. I have to have more bloods done tommorrow and go back again next week and im supposed to REST... Trying tell that to this family... GRRR..

I also picked up my scans today that said baby was about 1.8kilos last friday at scan, and that the growth has slowed a bit since previous scan ( a tad behind) but in the right range for current gestation... I have a pic of bubbys face... ITs soo cute..

Oh and the "Australian Princess" finale was tonight and Kylie won it.. Kylie is SILs sister ( penny). OMG im shocked.....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Here is a LO I did last week. Nothing real exciting but at least its another one down. Its of Hol with santa Xmas 2005. The secret about santa is that its her god father under that suit. LOL....

Lastnight Jay got really drunk and spewed everywhere in the lounge room. I was sooo ropeable and left it there ( i always clean it up usually) today I made him go get the carpet cleaner from woolies to scrub it. Feral... Blokes really piss me off.... Woke up to him crying next to me at 1am. TOld me some news thats not very good but Im not allowed to share just yet either. Going to be a very sad week me thinks when results come in....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Well yesterday was a bit of a drama... Woke up about 3:30am and felt a little gush.. Then went to toilet and had a full bladder. Wasnt quite sure what to do cause I didnt know if it was waters or wee. It didnt smell like wee though. I layed down for a bit long contemplating what to do then got up and rang the hospital ( an hour away), They said I really needed to be checked cause of the suture and asked if I could ring Local hospital and see if they could check me to see if it was ruptured membranes to save me a trip over there. Rang the hospital NO they dont have the stuff available to do it. So rang Tamworth hospital back and they told me I needed to go over...

Woke jay up and Hol up and started our drive to hospital. When we got there it was 5:30 am. The nurse checked the pad I had on and said there was a trace that read positive . She rang my OB and apparenlty he said "oh shit". LOL.. He told her to get the registrar in to do a swab and if it was positive I was going in helicopter. Midwife came back and told me what was going to happen ( basically said I was on helicopter being transferred). I was having contractions as I was hooked up to the machine and a couple of them were huge but were put down to BH in the end. Registrar came in and did swab and said there was no trace in canal but I had loads of extra mucous which was probably from the stitch. OB then turned up to check and told me I was ok to go home... SO it was all very dramatic and I was totally exhuasted.

Ob wanted me to have a scan to check growth ( this was before yesterdays scare he wrote the referral) just in case bubby needs to come earlier with this rising BP. So the only scan i could get was this morning unless I waited till end of february. So back to Tamworth we went again lastnight, and stayed with mum and dad then had to be at scan at 8am this morning. Bubby was moving around crazy and has the cutest little face, I cant wait to pic my scans up to see it. The lady asked did we know the sex and did we want to know. It was sooooooooooooooo tempting but we were strong. Bubby is only measuring 3 days smaller so thats fantastic. I need to get to at least 34 weeks to stay in Tamworth otherwise I have to go to sydney or Newcastle and I just cant do that with Hols.. Its head is sitting right on my cervix and suture so no wonder it hurts like hell..

When we were at the hospital and they had told me that I would most likely be flown out to newcastle I was talking to Hols and said mummy might have to go away and you will have to stay with Nan and pop.. She said "NOOOOOOOOOOO I want to be with you Mummy". Broke my heart in two..... Here is a pic mum took of us when we were away...

I forgot to write about my bday. It was loenly and sad and depressing. LOL... AND I fell over. I slipped on the kitchen floor and fell straight on my belly. POor dad didnt know what to do. He said he came to help me and he couldnt beleive how fast I got up off the floor. He kept saying are you ok all night.. I felt like a bit of an idiot actually. I went down pretty hard..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Went to OB today. I Finally had a weight gain, Up 6 kilos from last appointment. LOL.. Still only puts me 3 kilos over the weight the day I found out I was pregnant cause I have had losses. The only real issue atm is that my BP is up to 145 on 80 which makes me borderline hypertension. Bit scared about it but he wants to see me next week to check on it and check for protein. I had the start of preclampsia with HOls and thats why I was induced, but bp didnt start rising till much later then this....

He also wants me to have an ultrasound to check growth again which is good that I get to see bubba again.. Cant wait....

AND I have a ceaser date.. its some time in the week starting the 5th of March but just keeping it hush for now. Need to have a bit of a suprise for the family...... Last night I couldtn sleep cause Im so scared about another ceaser. Last time I didnt have time to think about it was all too quick..

Having BH right this second so better go lay down..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just a quick post to wish myself HAPPY BIRTHDAY.... LOL....

Nothing exciting happening, we are just staying at mum and dads place in Tamworth cause Jay is working on the canteen for baseball for the lead up to country music. Its bloody hot and Im feeling it soo bad. Lucky mum and dad have a pool, but sometimes it just seems like too much hassle to actually get in. LOL..

Bubby is moving around crazy still making me feel very ill. I have OB appointment tommorrow and I cant wait to discuss all thats going on with him. Im getting lots of Braxton Hicks and lots of pressure in butt and cervix. Its really painful at times. Im 31 weeks as of yesterday. Starting to get a bit scared about the idea of having a newborn as well to look after as a toddler. But in a way cant wait to have my body back so I can actually do things. Just feel like everytime I bend over or move a leg is gonna come flying out my mouth... LOL.

Better go hang out with Hols before she trashes mums house again.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

ARGGHH Hols is being so trying again... GRR... Shes scared of everything and still hasnt been on her swing she wanted so badly and got from Santa. Shes scared of everynoise, shadows, cars, trucks. Its driving us crazy..... Shes also started smacking as a lot and spitting at us. My god where does she learn this stuff. By the end of the day Im just so over it....

When we were away she did something that blew mum and I out big time. We were sitting in the car and she said " the queen", I said " what did you say hols". " the queen is on the money mummy" she had a 50c peice in her hand. I couldnt beleive it. I was dumb struck. How does she know who the queen is? ive never mentioned it..

Ive had really bad Braxton Hicks for the last few days and they are driving me crazy. My OB said if I had any I need to go to hospital but its over an hour away and as long as they calm down when i rest I think ill just ride it out. Hols and I are going to mum and dads tommorrow so we will only be 10 minutes from the hospital if need be and I see OB on Wednesday.Bubby keeps getting its feet up under my ribs the little bugger. Had forgotten how awkward that feels.

Heres a little piccie Jay took of Hols and I tonight. He thought we looked cute snuggled up on the lounge... After looking at this photo i REALLY wanna get my teeth whitened. I rekon it would make such a difference. They are just so stained from years of smoking and coffee drinking...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Im so naughty, I have really exciting news and I havent even posted it yet.. Hollie and I went away with mum and dad for 5 days to wait for the birth of my nephew. By 3 days past due date, Dad and I were killing each other, Hols wanted to go home to daddy, and bubby didnt look like wanting to leave his warm womb any time soon. So we came home. I had predicted him to be born on the 7th January(he was due the 1st). When Lee went in to labour on the 5th I was bit shattered that my prediction was wrong, but after 32 hours of labour the little bugger held out till the 7th ( at 1am) and was born by ceaser. All just to prove that Anuty Kase knows all. LOL.... So Id like to introduce

NOAH JAMES RILEY born 7-01-07 weighing 9 pound 7, but a little shorty at 50cm. HC 37cm.
He is a bit of a boof head, and covered in a bad red rash which he was having some tests done for. THis is the first photo i got sent, from James' phone. He was only an hour old.

He is so big compared to my little cherub at birth.LOL I havent actually met him but seen video of him. I cant wait till he loses that bashed up new born look and i can get down there clicking away with my camera..LOL..