Monday, December 28, 2009

Holey cow long time no write. Thought I might give this whole blog thing another go as I need a bit of a venting post right now. Not that I think anyone reads my blog anymore. LOL..

Life has changed a whole lot. We sold the house at 4 Smyth Close which broke my heart but also gave me a chance for a new start. Feels so wierd knowing someone else is living in our little home that we built with so many dreams in mind.

I am now engaged though still married to Jamie. LOL Dont ask me if that is even legal. LOL. HIs name is Phillip and he has 4 beautiful kiddies. We have had a rough few months in and out of court against his ex and trying to get him to see his kids. There has been a lot of ups and downs and tears.

I have a lost a few freinds along the way and my mum and dad dont really talk to me either because of Phillip but I have just come to the conclusion that its my life and I need to live it how I want to. Roxy doesnt even talk to me anymore and its been a few months since we have really seen her. Its so sad and breaks my heart every day to know we are not worth it.

The kids are growing up sooo fast. Hollie has lost and gained 2 teeth. She is off to big school next year. So exciting.... Cant beleive how big she is... Thomas is a wild little boy with a beautiful personality and a huge heart..

Its 3am and the rain is teaming down on the roof. Smells and sounds sooo awesome.

Lets hope I can get back in to blogging....

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