Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OOHHH just coming in to record my measurements... Still not really dropping weight though...

...........Start/18.july /29.Jul/
Bust 123.5 /120 /118
Waist 109 /107 / 102
Abs 117 /115 / 114
hips 119 /117 / 115
Thighs 74/ 68.5 / 65

That is an overall cm loss of 14.5cm since last time.. AWESOME .... LOL.. i feel my legs are smaller but not much else. When I see my naked body in the mirror I still nearly vomit.. LOL..

Had to do MIL about the LO not being published on the weekend.. She asked was it in soon cause she had to buy a couple of copies of the mag for people.. I was soo embarrassed telling her it wasnt going to be in.... Next time ill know not to tell anyone till I get the payment.. LOL...

The Milnes are on there way home at the moment. yeeahhhhh Cant wait to see them and meet baby Zahlia. ..

I have some studio photos I took of baby Jack but Ive used all my download and its just wayyyy too slow....

Jamie and I have been really making an effort in getting our relationship back on track. Its going Ok so far but I guess we will see if it goes back to the old ways.

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Jodi said...

Really great job with the weight loss Kaysie!!
After 1 day, ww on-line seams to be going ok. I just sat down to a hot choclate - zero points and 6 ww bickies - 3 points and i am still 5 points under my daily total!! Surely you cant loose weight like this!!