Tuesday, July 01, 2008

ARGGGHHH i have been so sick... Ended up in hospital on a drip yesterday. Had been vomiting non stop since Sunday night and couldnt even keep gastrolyte down. Was so dehydrated. They wanted me to stay in but I talked them in to giving me the fluids then reviewing me and sending me home.. THANK GOD. Those hospital beds are soo uncomfy. Thank god for Janelle. She came and had my kids for me while her kids were at daycare. I felt so awful cause she had to take them to her drs appointment with her. I dont know what I woudl have done without her. Everytime I vomited before Janelle got here Hol was freaking out, and Thomas just wantd to play in it... GROT..

Had weigh in yesterday and I guess I had a bit of help from the vomiting but I lost 3kgs this week ( this is going off my dodgy scales though.. I need some good ones..) I have gone pretty good with my eating but I havent quite done as much excercise as I would have liked. I find it really hard to fit it in with everything else and the treadmill is impossible to get on with the kids..

I was wondering if anyone knows a way of working out how many calories are in foods that you cook yourself like biscuits and slices and muffins and stuff......

My other news is that I received my Layout back from scrapbooking memories saying they arent publishing. Im so shattered and embarrassed. Ive told everyone about it going in and my family were only raving on about it on the weekend and wanted me to send them copies of the magazine. I just feel like such an idiot... :(....

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Jodi said...

OOh Kaysie, you poor thing!!!
SOrry yourve been so sick!!!
Great about the weight loss but!! I was hoping for a vomiting bug myself to get the ball rolling!!! LOL
Too bad about the layout.. I am so dissappointed for you!!
My article was in this months SM and they put the Wrong layout with it.. It wasnt mine!! Ive heard from the person who owned it and they said the same thing!!!! Not happy!! But they did send me a HUGE pressie becuase of the stuff up which is great!!!
Hope your feeling better soon!!