Thursday, September 04, 2008

Started some emotional release counselling today. Was in there for over 2 hours. LOl. I did something called sandplay where you play wiht your hands in the sand until you form something. You just let your mind run free and your hands go where they want to. Then you select some symbols from the cabinet and place them on your sand art. The symbols I chose were a pg transparent lady with a baby in her belly, A grim reaper, a statue of people ebracing and a naked women. We talked about what these meant in my life and what they symbolise. Its very interesting.

In the session we also talk about our own birth. It is thought that the process of our birth can have a huge imapct on our life. If the birth was long and difficult we may have felt hopeless and like there was no way back and no way forward. Hard to explain but so interesting...

Jamie took Hollie tonight for a sleepover.. She misses him so much. Poor Thomas Fell off the treadmill tonight. he was swinging on it like a monket and fell and smacked his mouth. It wasnt as bad as it could have been......

Heres a few pics I took last week in the park.. and a couple of hols new hair cut.


Angela said...

The counselling does sound interesting. I hope it's helping.

The photos of the kids are gorgeous. I love Hols new hairdo. She looks so grown up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaysie

I am here by mistake - looking for something else - so you don't know me.

I can tell you one thing that no amount of counselling can, you need to take those children and run as fast, as far and hard as you can.

Maybe this visit wasn't an accident.Take care and think of yourself for once and those lovely children.