Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ok time to update ( i keep getting an ear bashing).. LOL..

Hollie is driving me insane.. LOL.. HOw will i cope with another year of her at home. She is bored I think and I kinda of try and avoid having to entertain her ( bad bad mummy) I just seem to have so much else to do then play ( thats really bad isnt it :( ).

She had allergy testing re done on Friday to see if she had grown out of any. I was really hoping the peanut allergy was gone.. Its actualy over doubled... I could have cried. She has grown out of soy and shellfish, but now has an allergy to hazlenut, cashew, really bad one to cats and 2 types of dust mite. He said the allergen things in her nose were soooo swollen. SHe could hardly even talk she was so blocked up when we saw him so I gues that was a good thing.. She is now on Zyrtec for at least 6 weeks, Nasonex nasal spray and fess nasal spray twice a day to try and take the swelling down. I also have to get her a new mattres and matress cover to try and control the dust mites. This could be one of the reasons she cant sleep.... Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Thomas is a bloody funny child... Just hilarious. Full of life and personailty. His talking has just come along so much since the grommits went in. His favourite thing to say is "oh god" and he says Mum, dad, nan, pop, more, zahlia ( freinds baby) and I think he said cold the other day. SOO cute... He wanted me to put him on the toilet the other day. Im not ready for my baby to toilet train.. LOL... He thinks its hilarious sitting up there. Doesnt do anything till he gets off and I put nappy back on but he obviously knows what its for cause he pats his butt and gets me to put him up there.

He also decided he wanted his hair up yetserday. LOL bought me a hair band and brush and pulled his hair up on top to show me what he wanted. LOL.. DAG.. He is so cuddly and loves to snuggle his mumma. Just such a beautiful little boy but such a rougue as well. Loves to run on the raod and climb and have me chase after him as he escapes from the maccas play room once the door is opened.. Nearly gives his godmother a heart

Jay and I are still seperated... 6 weeks today.. OMG thats crazy. We were getting on well then we kinda got snappy again ( did coincide with PMT though)... Friday night he got really pissed and couldnt work saturday morning so Im really really really mad about that. THe amount of times i have asked him to take a satruday morning off so we can go away for the weekend and he carries on like I asked him to cut of his leg. then he drinks too much and cant work... ARGH...

Lastnight I went to the movies with Rox and watched Baby mama.. It was pretty good and I was sooo nodding my head at the start with a lot of the stuff. Roxys eyes nearly popped out of her head when they implanted the embryo with the big long catheter thing, when i told her thats really how big it is.. LOL.. too funny. Zahli bear came with us and she was sooo good she sat wide eyed and watched the movie. Party animal she is.. LOL.

THursday was Father in laws anniversary of his death. I just cant get my head around the fact it was a year ago. I was supposed to go out to a fundraiser thing but I chose to go and have dinner with Jay, his mum and sister and the kids. Was nice but very wierd knowing what we had been doing the previous year.

In very sad news Sister in law and her Hubby broke up yesterday. They were married 4 days after her dads death. The year has been hard and long for them and He finally made the split yesterday. Tommorrow is there one year anniversary of marraige so Its going to be a really tough day for sal... I think it will be for the best but I know how hard it is to get your head around it.....

I photographed a gorgeous wedding in Narrabri last weekend. Still going through all the photos. The bride was sooo gorgeous.. Ill pop some on here when im done....

Have to add this hilarious photo of Thomas.. This stretch sticker is off Hollies new top. She gave it to Thomas and look where he stuck it.. LOL.. He is just too funny. Check out how funny he thought it was when i grabbed the camera.. LOL.

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